Don't Have Sticker Shock on Your Next Flight for Your Checked Bags

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Bag fees have increasingly become a point of contention for travelers over the past several years. Here’s a roundup of the fees charged by the major airlines. So if you fly regularly on one of these major airlines, make sure that you are aware of their checked bag policy & the fees they charge, so it does not put you in a bad mood before you even board the plane.

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Air Canada & WestJet - 1st Bag Checked $30 - 2nd Bag Checked $50

The new baggage fees apply to travelers flying on the lowest fare types. Higher fare classes, including Air Canada’s economy flex and economy comfort fares and WestJet’s Plus passengers, and gold and silver rewards members, will continue to get the first checked bag for free.


Alaska - 1st & 2nd Bag Checked $25 - 3rd Bag Checked $85

The carrier will waive the fee for the first bag for a traveler, if they are an Alaska Airlines Visa cardholder. In addition, cardholders can get the first free checked bag for up to six other passengers on the same reservation. The same goes for Alaska Airlines Visa Business card holders and Alaska Airlines World Elite MasterCard cardholders.


American -1st Bag Checked $25 - 2nd Bag Checked $40

Travelers in the carrier’s Premium Economy can check their first bag for free, but a second checked bag will cost $35. American Elite members are allowed to check up to 3 bags without a fee.


Delta - 1st Bag Checked $30 - 2nd Bag Checked $40

Delta Premium Select and Delta One and up, get two bags up to 70 pounds for free, but the increase in those fares is typically more than what the bag fee addition would have been. Passengers who have a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express get one free bag when they book with the card, plus a free bag for eight travel companions.


Hawaiian - 1st & 2nd Bag Checked $25

Hawaiian World Elite Mastercard members get the first bag free; Pualani Platinum members gets their first three bags free; and Pualani Gold and Club members get their first two bags free. HawaiianMiles members get $10 off the first bag and $15 off the second, but the discount is only available for flights to neighboring islands.


JetBlue - 1st Bag Checked $30 - 2nd Bag Checked $40 - 3rd Bag Checked

$150. One way around the fee is by upgrading to JetBlue’s next ticket tier, the Blue Plus fare, which is usually about $15 more than the base fare ticket (which JetBlue calls its Blue fare). That fare includes one free checked bag. Passengers wanting to check two bags without paying the extra fees can upgrade again to Blue Flex, which also gives passengers free cancellations or changes and access to expedited security. That fare can be anywhere from about $100 to $150 more than the base fare depending on the route.


Southwest - 1st & 2nd Bag Checked $0. That’s right 0 dollars. “Our Bags Fly Free” program is a popular offering, which Southwest customers say they love. There are NO current plans to change the program.


United - 1st Bag Checked $30 - 2nd Bag Checked $40 - 3rd Bag Checked $150. Flights to & from Canada - 1st Bag Checked $30 - 2nd Bag Checked $50.

United’s Premier Silver members are eligible to check one bag for free for travel within North America, while Premier Gold member are eligible for two, and Premier Platinum and 1K members are eligible for three bags free.