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Welcome to the Future of Cruising - Celebrity Edge

Have you ever wanted to set sail on a cutting edge ship with all of the new bells and whistles you ever wanted or thought you needed? Well the time has come...Welcome to the new Celebrity Edge. With the introduction of this "new class" type of ship, Celebrity has turned up both the Heat & Volume...A LOT!

Boasting giant new features, reinventions of classic standbys, and quieter bits of whimsy, Celebrity Edge will set sail on its maiden passenger voyage on December 9, 2018. The 2,913-passenger ship will cruise the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale during the winter and head to the Mediterranean in the spring. TeamtTullyTravel will be a part of the transitioning of the ship to the Mediterranean in late April, 2019.

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So, are you ready to take a look at just some of the great new features this ship has to offer you on any cruise you take? Well let's get started.

Magic Carpet

There are many impressive bells and whistles on Edge, along with a lot of firsts for Celebrity. But the feature that stands out the most, without a doubt, is the bright, tangerine Magic Carpet that hangs off the side of the ship, traveling up and down, from decks five to fifteen.

The 90-ton Magic Carpet, which is about the size of a tennis court, was originally built and designed as a way to enhance the tender experience. Guests would be able to travel up from a tender boat with the feeling off floating above the ocean. But Celebrity only tenders at ports about 25 percent of the time.

Holding 75 to 80 guests at any a time, the Magic Carpet has become so much more, offering maybe the most unique lounging experience at sea, while also serving as an extension of Deck 14’s pool deck.

Twice a sailing, Celebrity will offer Dinner on the Edge, where guests will be invited to eat dishes, at “action stations” positioned around the platform, inspired by the local region where Edge is sailing ($75 per person, the most expensive specialty restaurant on the ship).

Infinity Veranda

Celebrity has never offered more stateroom options than it does on its new Edge. From a single-guest stateroom to a massive 1,800-square-foot Iconic Suite that sleeps 6, there are many different accommodations from which to enjoy a cruise. One of the most impressive enhancements is what Celebrity has added to its standard staterooms on Edge: The Infinite Veranda.

Infinite Veranda staterooms are Celebrity’s take on the river cruise industry’s French balcony. They give guests the option, by simply pressing a button, to turn down half of their stateroom’s floor-to-ceiling window that looks out over the ocean, essentially creating a full-room verandah and giving guests 20 percent more living space. Of the ship’s 1,467 rooms, 916 have what the line calls an “infinite veranda.”

Dining Venues

There are 29 drink and dining venues onboard Edge, including four main dining rooms (all of which are complimentary) and nine specialty restaurants scattered around the ship. Aside from the food choices, Edge is giving more options than ever on how guests can dine.

Guests can choose traditional dining (early or late), where they will be placed in one of the main dining rooms and receive a menu of standards each night complimented by new specialty dishes. They can also choose to skip the traditional 6 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. dining slots and opt for Celebrity Select Plus.

Select Plus guests can choose any one of the four main restaurants each night of their sailing; they can make a new reservation on the app or opt for walk-in. Each restaurant is unique, inspired by a different region of the world.

Advanced Technology

Facial Recognition: Edge is decked out in technology. Almost everything onboard, including changing the channel on the stateroom television or pulling down the blinds or booking shore excursion, can be done through Celebrity’s mobile app. The app is designed to give guests a big boost before they ever get onboard

If guests complete all check-in forms before arriving at the cruise terminal, including taking a selfie through the app, the most they will have to do before boarding is to allow Celebrity staff to scan their Xpress pass, which has a barcode that identifies them.

Virtual Concierge: The app has a chat bot called the Virtual Concierge, and it can help make dinner reservations, recommend bars and events, order drinks, and more. It keeps track of behavior the more it’s used, so if it recognizes a guest ordered a vodka martini before, it may recommend the drink again. It can also see if a guest is traveling with a companion, so if a drink request is made, the concierge automatically asks if the travel partner would like a drink as well.

Also, with the app, guests can add additional excursions to the itinerary, find tons of relevant information like passenger reviews for restaurants, and even receive navigation assistance for moving around the ship (think of Google Maps driving navigation). When on the cruise itself, the app begins suggesting places guests can go and things to do.

Cabin Automation: Cabins will come with touchscreen panels that allow guests to control every aspect of their room, such as turning lights on and off. Preset options can automatically help set the mood at any time of day — guests can configure their room to turn on the lights as the alarm rings at 8 a.m. or turn off the lights before bedtime. This also helps the company be a little more energy efficient, as lights will turn off automatically if the room recognizes it’s empty.

Rooms can also identify when a guest’s smartphone nears the door, which will then unlock automatically. RFID cards are still available to unlock doors in case guests don’t own a smartphone, or as a backup.

New Design Concepts

But the biggest part of Celebrity Edge is all of the exciting new design concepts that have been created to make your cruise a total experience. Each area has a unique feel and look around the ship that will leave you with many hours to explore each one.

So there is a look at the Future of Cruising-The Celebrity Edge. Celebrity is planning to bring out sister ships like the Edge in the next three years. All of the cruise lines will be doing very similar concepts at the same time, so the future of cruising has a very bright outlook.

If your looking for the biggest bang for your dollar, what other type of vacation can you take that gives you transportation, entertainment, all of the food you can eat, sometimes free drinks, total relaxation, sightseeing, and touring to some of the greatest cities in the world, for as little as $50 per day? The answer is none. Cruising has all of this plus great memories, new friends made and a great nights sleep.