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Welcome to a new age of cruising-Celebrity Edge

On April 28, 2019, TeamTullyTravel set sail on a 15-day transatlantic cruise (the very first one for this ship with passengers) on the newest concept of sailing vessels that just may revolutionize the way new cruise ships are designed and built. Celebrity’s newest endeavor with the Edge, hopes it will transform the way you see the world.

The Iconic Edge

With a name that reflects its ambitious design, Celebrity Edge is the ship designed to leave the future behind. Every facet of this new vessel is dramatically different from any other ship at sea. And, I guess, is boldly intentional. As soon as you step foot on board, it’s an instant - WOW! You can see that this ship is nothing like anything you have sailed in the past. You truly get the feeling the Edge was built with a desire to connect more deeply with the world we live in; with the destinations the ship would visit; the oceans it would sail and the nature that would surround the ship. To these points all I can say is, well done Celebrity, you nailed it.

There are so many new concepts and aspects on this ship, it would be hard to cover all of them in a single article. Celebrity Edge is not for the first time cruiser. It is an upscale ship on an above average price structure for people who have sailed before and want to experience a difference.

The Staterooms

Most of the staterooms on the ship are verandas, suites, and large scale suites Celebrity calls Iconic Suites. If you like to cruise in an interior room, this is not your ship. The rooms are very well appointed, with a color scheme that makes you feel right at home, ample storage and drawer space, walk in shower in a bathroom two people can actually function, and a 55” TV mounted on the wall opposite the bed. But the newest feature on the Edge is the infinity veranda. If you are expecting your typical veranda balcony, you will be surprised with this feature.

The balcony merges seamlessly with the room. A simple press of a button turns the veranda into a self-contained space, as the top window opens the balcony directly onto the ocean. The nice thing about this concept is that the furniture stays clean, you have more privacy as your neighbors can’t eavesdrop and you are not blown away with the wind. Sitting there gives a relaxing view on the world as the ship cruises to your next port.

The Grand Plaza

The hub of the ships activity is the Grand Plaza a multidimensional, transformational space at the center of the ship. A magnificent three-story chandelier and an undulating bar are the centerpieces of this vast area. As you stand there and look around, you are hit with a cacophony of sound. You look around and wonder where all of this sound is all coming from and you quickly realize it is your fellow passengers giving their “oohs and ahhs.

The cavernous plaza space is inspired by Italian piazzas and connects to the six specialty dining venues on board ship. It’s a great place to enjoy cocktails, listen to live music, have a specialty coffee and pastry at the Grand Plaza Cafe or just relax and “people watch.”

The Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet, the world’s first ship-climbing platform and the showpiece of Celebrity Edge’s outward facing vision. The orange platform, the size of a tennis court, is located mid-ship on the starboard side, repositions vertically and stops at four different decks, transforming it into a unique venue at each stop. It is used for cocktails at sunset, outdoor dining, private parties or just sitting on comfortable chairs looking at the world as the ship cruises.

Are You Hungry?

So if you hungry, and who isn’t on a cruise, you always have someplace you can feed your appetite. Along with the six specialty restaurants there are four main dining rooms that allow you to have a wonderful dining experience. Cyprus is a nod to Greek heritage with a Mediterranean menu; Tuscan is a take on the Italian favorite, Tuscan Grille. Normandie features French cuisine in an upscale space with a Parisian-inspired vibe, and Cosmopolitan is a new American theme straight out of New York. If those ten places aren’t enough for you, then there is always the buffet in the Oceanview Cafe on the fourteenth deck. A large area where there is so much to choose from, you eventually have to stop grazing and select something, otherwise you will go hungry.

In addition to that you have Mast Grill a hamburger bar and the pizza bar at the rear of the ship, the Juice Bar for the light eaters or the Eden Bar for a nice lunch or quick snack. If you still haven’t had enough, you better make room for desserts. Whoo Nelly, are there desserts. If you are a procrastinator, you will be in trouble. So many great items to choose from and they change each day. Oh, did I forget to mention the ice cream and gelato bar too? I guarantee you will not go hungry on your cruise.

The Art

The one feature that really struck me the most on this fabulous ship was the art. It is abundant and varied in its ever-changing abstracts, 20th-century Modernists, and a curation of contemporaries that adorn the decks. In short, everywhere your eyes gaze, you are introduced to new concepts, abstracts, textures, format and bountiful color from all over the world. It is truly magnificent.

So if you are looking for a change, a new era in the way you cruise and see the world, welcome to Celebrity Edge. If you want to be more connected to the sea, more open to the world, this is your ship. Celebrity Edge has set a new standard in ship design that presents first-at-sea features that transform the status quo of cruise ship silhouettes. With predictability stripped away, unconventional exterior lines and a distinct daring design that sparks intrigue about the experience waiting for you on board.

So until we sail again....